Stephanie Seiple

Stephanie Seiple

Co-Founder / Head of Marketing and Production

Working in various leadership roles within the music and entertainment space for over two decades, Steph began her career working at Sony and BMG for labels like: RCA, Wind-Up, Epic, and Columbia. She was part of radio promotion and marketing teams who helped develop and break now superstar artists like:  Kings of Leon, Maroon 5, John Mayer, Miranda Lambert, The Stokes, and others. During her 5 years with major labels, she also had the honor to market some of the most iconic recording artists by leveraging product placements, sales, and exclusive event opportunities with retailers like Best Buy, FYE, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart.  READ MORE…


Rich McKie

Rich McKie

Co-Founder / Head of Digital & Media

As early as his college years, Rich hit the ground running in the music industry.  While attending York College of PA, he build a successful entertainment services brand, which he ran for 2 more years after graduating- handling all aspects of promotion, media and event management. From there he moved onto a management position at a concert production company in Central PA. Here Rich took the brand to a new level in sales, and digital marketing.

5 years later he created CNCPT Studios and produced video, digital media, and web sites for various production companies, musicians, local businesses and more. Shortly after this success, Rich met Stephanie and they partnered to create the Tri State Indie brand, of which he became the Director of Digital Media for Tri State Indie and  TSI Productions.

In 2014 Rich was scooped up by WXPN in Philadelphia and became it’s full time Digital Content Manager. There he manages all things digital for the station including web design and content, video, SEO, UX and more all of WXPN’s digital assets –  including World Cafe Digital, produced for NPR Music. To this day Rich remains co-founder of the TSI Brand, and moonlights for TSI Productions when needed.


Production Assistant



Photographer / Videographer