Welcome to Asses In Seats

The Music Talk Show That’s LIVE On Instagram.

What’s the vibe of the show? Think sports talk radio, but for music heads. We’ll discuss hot topics, invite music pros to come chat along with us, AND YOU, the FAN will also have the opportunity to join in the conversation by either calling our hotline or raising your hand on Instagram. Follow @tristatindie on Instagram to catch it live, every other Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET starting on November 18th, 2020. Stay tuned for guest announcements coming soon!

Where’d the name come from? “Asses in Seats” is a term used in the entertainment world referencing selling tickets to live concerts and events – filling venues and arenas by putting “Asses in Seats”! On the flip side – opinions are like asses, everybody has one! And right now, during this pandemic, we’re all just a bunch of Asses in Seats, loudly voicing our opinions about EVERYTHING. So, as a large majority of the music and live events industry is paused, we’re hoping this show provides a little entertainment for music lovers and music pros alike. That being said, we’ll be mixing things up to keep it fresh with different show hosts, locations, and guests so that we cover multiple topics across the music industry landscape and reach folks far and wide.


CONTACT: stephanie.seiple@tristateindie.com


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EPISODE 1 | 11.18.20

Stephanie Seiple

Carol Riddick (Musician)
Jesse Lundy (Point Entertainment)

EPISODE 2 | 12.2.20

Mitch Beer

Stereo League (Musician)
DILEMMA (DJ/Producer)